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SYNEG is a representative institution that works with its opposite numbers nationally, in Europe, and around the world in the “professional catering” sector

SYNEG is the professional organisation that brings together and represents French manufacturers and the French subsidiaries of worldwide manufacturers working in all the areas of professional catering: cooking, preparation, refrigeration, wine cabinets, handling, washing, laundry, distribution, bars, pantries, ventilation, and other technical facilities.

As a professional trade union under the meaning of the Law of 1884, SYNEG is an independent body affiliated to the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (FIM – Federation of Mechanical Industries). It is also an active member of the European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers (EFCEM), the European body that represents manufacturers of professional catering equipment.

Through FIM and EFCEM, SYNEG has access to ORGALIME (Organe Européen de Liaison des Industries Mécaniques – the European Engineering Industries Association), which enables it to keep a permanent watch on the regulatory initiatives of the European Union and, where appropriate, to intervene with EU institutions.

SYNEG acts as the acknowledged contact point for public authorities, economic decision-makers, and professional organisations that are partners of the sector: engineering consultants, installers, and users.

SYNEG: an organisation that works for its members