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Odic is a French manufacturer based in Burgundy who has been manufacturing refrigeration equipment for the catering and bakery markets for over 40 years.

The company employs 50 people and has a turnover of 13 millions euros.
Odic has developp a new range of 80 and 160 kg blast chiling and deep freezing cells for catering trolleys (GN 1/1 or GN 2/1 – 20 levels) in collaboration with the CETIM (Technical Center for Mechanical Industries) for the eco-design aspect and with « Avant-première » a french design agency based in Lyon.

Let an egg fry for 25 minutes without burning it? Yes we can!

CAPIC, a family-owned company (Quimper, France), has been designing, producing and marketing cooking appliances since 1955.
Our teams have developed a plancha with a new cooking technology, the plasma system - patented with the INPI - which can heat a plate to 200°C in less than 6 min.

The new Louis Tellier’s stainless steel can opener opens round cans of all sizes by cutting the outer setting. The edges are smooth, no risk of cutting. Then it is possible to reuse the cap of the can to protect its content from dust and splash.

ELECTRO CALORIQUE, MAIN SPONSOR of the World Catering Forum 2018 is pleased to invite you to participate in this unique Forum which will be held on Tuesday, November 13, from 9am to 6pm, at the EquipHotel Paris exhibition.

This new wine by the glass dispenser, developed by EuroCave Professional, offers design, temperature performance, the ability to control the amount of wine served and to see sales and preservation of open bottles, all easily managed thanks to the unique touch screen.

CAPIC, the first French manufacturer to design a new Smart 130 electric fryer
dedicated to fast food chains.

Equipped with 2 independent tanks of 23 liters with a production of 130 kg per hour.

Complete automation, automatic filtration and oil level adjustment.

- Electric heating power 2x28 kW.
- 4x1/2 baskets of 360x160x135.
- 4 independent automatic baskets.
- Programmable timer and recipes.
- Automatic filtering process.
- Mobile filter on wheels.

Specialized in the manufacture of kitchen tools for professionals and gourmets, the Louis Tellier Group acquired last June the Bron Coucke company. Building on this merger, the Group expects to achieve a turnover of nearly €25m in 2017 and aims to accelerate its development in France and abroad.

The entire surface of the vitroceramic glass is the cooking surface. The coils underneath this vitroceramic glass manage all types of recipient by adjusting the temperature or watts.
Induc-NoLimit presents the operator with wide-ranging and precise cooking options: slide a pan from one side to the other to increase or decrease its temperature; or
simply cook different foods at the same time, on the same surface.

Fabien Rozuel joined KRAMPOUZ in 2009 as a marketing manager.
After a first part of his career at SEB in the marketing department and then at BEBE CONFORT and BONDUELLE, Fabien Rozuel joined KRAMPOUZ in 2009.

SpeeDelight is the new Electrolux professional solution for businesses on the move: it is a dual-plate appliance with the first and only combination of three direct and indirect cooking technologies.
With SpeeDelight you can serve your kind of healthy, tasty food.

Louis Tellier, the manufacturer specialized in preparation equipment, and GOBEL, the Living Heritage of Bakeware, merge under one entity: Tellier Gobel & Cie.
The common logistics and IT infrastructures are now fully operational, granting a common shipment and a single invoice.
The catalog of 3000 skus brings together the collections of Tellier and GOBEL, meeting the needs for small equipment of the institutional establishments, the HoReCa and the Pastry Chefs.

On April 27, Electrolux Professionnel France, invited 25 consultants in Pordenone, Italy, for the launch of the new green&clean Rack Type dishwasher.

Time of temperature rise from 20 to 200°C in only 4 minutes.
Speed and significant efficiency of cooking with an electric consumption controlled.
CAPIC patented a new ultra high efficiency electric heating body.

6 ADVENTYS induction kits installed in the buffet space in the Gran Nacional Rio De Janeiro (5 stars restaurant hotel).
Paired with chafing dishs, this kind of product allows you to keep warm food. These products are made for 24/24 working.
This product exist for granit surface, you can install the product without cut out on your counter top. More information on this product who received an amazing success during Sirha show at :

In response to the current snacking trend, Krampouz develops and markets a new range of products: the depth range with two appliances adapted to confined spaces. These appliances can be used alone or in combination and allow for a variety cooking types: snacking, grilling ... while saving space on the kitchen counter.

The depth griddle plate is made of 100% stainless steel and is the most powerful depth model on the market: 3600 W for unmatched cooking performances. Its stainless steel griddle heats up quickly and evenly thanks to a combination with a heat conductive material. Its deep format and high splash guards facilitate cooking or snacking meats, vegetables, fish and crustaceans.

The depth broiler grill is a unique cooking appliance on the market. It is equipped with an enameled cast iron cooking plate and designed for intensive use. Krampouz has adapted its know-how related to its famous crepe maker to design this grill: the coil heating elements are directly integrated into the cast iron plate for an optimal heat distribution. With its powerful, efficient and reliable design, it cooks meat and any other grillable food without variation in temperature even at peak hours.

Space savings, power and reliability - these are the main advantages of this new range of precision cooking appliances. An innovation that will without any doubt appeal to professionals in need of space.