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GILAC : Launch of a bio-based range


GILAC introduces its 1st range of biobased material containers made from natural renewable resources. As a responsible French manufacturer, GILAC is now offering alternatives to standard materials, whilst maintaining an optimal level of quality and food safety.

GILAC’s new range has been designed to provide an innovative response to growing consumer demand for environmentally beneficial products. As we are faced with today’s dwindling fossil resources and increased extraction costs, natural renewable resources present a sustainable alternative and new links have been created between the agricultural, chemical and plastics sectors during the course of their development. GILAC has introduced an ambitious R&D plan to address this new problem and is constantly monitoring these emerging new materials.

Using bio-based materials is seen as a powerful marker in a voluntary approach to sustainable development, which GILAC has supplemented with the implementation of a recycling operation for end-of-life PE and PP containers.

This brand-new, GILAC quality range fully complies with food safety standards already in force and already comprises more than 20 products for bakery and pastry professionals, including ingredients containers, dividing dough containers, dough containers, flat trays, pastry crates and tableware etc.

Launch : 11 January 2020 – Stand 1N20 – Europain exhibition

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