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CORECO : first A+ rated counter in the market


CORECO: in today’s scenario, refrigeration equipment must be more efficient and sustainable, with lower electricity consumption and more environmentally friendly refrigerants, innovations that should not have an impact on the final user experience.

As a result of this line of work, we have developed and put on the market, the first GN 1/1 refrigerated counter with A+ classification:

  • High performance and reduced variations in temperature by the air circulation system,
  • 40 °C which maintains temperature values in those “heavy duty” units, climate class rated 5.
  • Energy efficiency when 24/7 units are used, class A+ and A makes a real difference to your energy bill, saving of up to 80%,
  • Efficient & eco-friendly ussing hydrocarbon gas that are not harmful to the ozone layer and do not contribute to the greenhouse effect (GWP) or ozone   depletion (ODP)
  • R290 and Cyclopentane gas, improves cooling capacity and makes the insulation more efficient, reducing environmental impact.
  • Smart digital controller set the automatic defrost which takes only as long as absolutely necessary.
  • Customization by choosing from numerous options such as drawers, worktops, feets, castors, sinks, locks, etc …


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